COVID-19 Update


During this unprecedented time, we have taken the decision to shut down for the safety of our staff and patients.


Our clinic will be closed for general operations until further notice.


All non-urgent patient appointments will be rescheduled at a later date.


We are here to care for patients in the following urgent circumstances:


1. Experiencing a sudden and debilitating change in functional abilities (understood as walking, standing, sitting, lifting, sleeping) or significant restrictions (experienced during bending/twisting, repetitive movement, pushing/pulling with right/left arm) as well as injury to head/neck/back and extremities.


2. Significant pain, understood as pain that is incapacitating for the patient and interferes with their ability to carry out normal functioning.


Do not come into the clinic or book an appointment if you are exhibiting flu symptoms or are in a higher risk category (e.g. recently traveled, been in contact with those that have recently traveled, been in contact with people exhibiting symptoms, etc.).


Please folks, carry on with good judgement, and compassion for one another!