Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Identifying And Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is pain that is characterized as mild to intense wrist pain.  It can be debilitating if left untreated or corrective action is not taken.  The cardinal symptoms to look for are increased night time pain and pain that gets better when wringing the hands. Generally it occurs due to increased size (inflammation, cyst etc.) of the contents housed within the carpal tunnel OR decreased size (injury, compression or inflammation) of the tunnel itself. The compartment includes the median nerve. The median nerve has both, motor and sensory innervation. In most people, the sensory portion of the median nerve branches off just before entering the tunnel, so the patient will retain the ability to sense stimulus such as heat and pain. However, the motor branch enters the tunnel and if compression occurs one may have reduced motor skills, and in chronic cases, reduced finger mobility and muscle wasting may occur.

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Welcome Rejane!

We at Ancaster Osteopathic Clinic are thrilled to introduce a new addition to our team, Rejane (Rae) Dillenburg, MD, MSc, Hom. Bringing a rich and diverse background in healthcare, Rae joins us as a homeopath, infusing her deep knowledge and passion for holistic health into our practice.

Rae’s journey in health care spans several years, marked by a dedication to improving people’s wellbeing. With her medical background, including specializations in pediatrics and cardiology, she brings a unique perspective to our clinic. Her recent focus on Homeopathic Medicine aligns perfectly with our holistic approach to patient care.

Understanding the uniqueness of each individual, Rae believes in the importance of treating the totality of the person – body, mind, and spirit. Her goal aligns with ours: to provide care that supports and enhances overall health and well-being.

Her impressive educational background, including a Medical Doctor degree from Universidade Federal RGS, Brazil, and specializations in Pediatric and Cardiology, is complemented by her recent accomplishment as a Homeopath graduate from OCHM. This blend of conventional medicine and homeopathy is a valuable asset to our clinic and the patients we serve.

Rae’s experience as a Pediatric Cardiologist and Associate Professor at McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, ON, adds depth to her understanding of patient care. Her continuous improvement and education in healthcare, including recent CPR/First Aid certification, underscore her commitment to providing the best care possible.

We warmly welcome her and look forward to the expertise and care she will bring to our patients.